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4 ways to welcome spring

Don’t look now, but spring is here! Though the snow might still be flying in some parts of the province, the spring equinox has passed, and that means that warmer weather is on its way – along with other delightful things like flowers, short sleeves and baby animals.

Here are some fun ideas to welcome the arrival of the season.

Reactivate your life
After a long, dreary winter, there’s nothing like a bit of warm weather to put some spring in your step. Whether you do a neighbourhood garbage clean-up, start training to participate in the Blue Nose Marathon, or take the kids out on a scavenger hunt, it’s the perfect time of year to get outside and get moving.

Take it outside
Spring is also when gardeners start thinking seriously about the growing season to come. Don’t clean up your yard too early – you want to provide shelter for all the creatures who need it while the temperatures are still chilly – but if you haven’t already, this is the time to plan what you’d like to grow and start preparing to start your seeds. Even little kids can get in on the action; try this fun activity designed to whet the curiosity of young gardeners.

Get refreshed
Spring is a great time to give your home a little refresh. For some, that means giving their home a good spring cleaning; for others, it might mean adding some seasonal décor, doing a spring craft or trying a new recipe that celebrates spring produce.

One easy activity – and a natural follow-up to the work you’ve been doing outside in the garden – is to force blossoms. Bring in a few branches trimmed from a flowering tree such as forsythia, dogwood or cherry, make some small cuts in the ends of the branches, and place them in a vase of warm water. You’ll have blooms anywhere from one to three weeks later. Don’t have a garden? Try forcing spring bulbs, instead. It doesn’t take much room and the results are just as beautiful.

The warmer weather and longer days mean that chickens start laying more eggs in the spring time. Make the most of this bounty by crafting a most eggs-cellent centrepiece, or try a new egg-based dish. Asparagus mimosa, anyone?

Learn about another culture
Easter isn’t the only holiday that Canadians are celebrating at this time of year. This spring, why not connect with your community in a new way by learning about other spring celebrations? Many Muslim Canadians are currently observing Ramadan – a sacred month marked by daytime fasting, a focus on faith and performing generous acts, and nighttime feasts known as iftar.

Canadians of Persian descent celebrate Nowruz on March 21, marking the first day of spring and celebrating the renewal of nature. This 13-day festival includes special celebrations and family events that feature symbolic foods such as noodle soup, fish and rice with green herbs and spices, and sweets such as baklava and sugared almonds.

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