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    I have to say as a medical student and a nurse for 26 years, this is the type of doctor I want to be. Dr. Steven MacDougall is a real doctor, going out of his way to better care for his patients. Excellent job doctor!


    There is no specific one story about Dr. Andrea MacDonald but rather a collection of endless times she has gone above and beyond to provide health care to our family. I have even received personal calls with test results late on a Friday evening because she knew we were concerned! Thanks for all you do Dr. Andrea!


    Dr. Michelle Cain is caring, compassionate and available. Not only does she have a full family practice, she also does prenatal, deliveries, emergency department and she is about to become a mentor for the Dalhousie medical students. This community and our hospital have benefited greatly from having this local girl come home to practice.

Dr. Abidi

It's important to have a flexible approach to care. Meeting kids where they are at is key to improving outcomes.

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Dr. Chiasson

Curiosity, inquisitiveness, activity – these are the things that keep us well. Coming to Keppoch is a recipe for well-being.

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Dr. Campbell

Working in the emergency department is challenging, it’s exciting, it’s stressful – you’re constantly trying to make the most of limited resources.

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