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Healthy, Active March Break Fun

Although this winter hasn’t been without its share of snow days for school kids in Nova Scotia, March break (a whole week off!) is always hotly anticipated – by students, at least. If you’re wondering how you’ll fill those school-free days, don’t worry. We’ve gathered up some of our favourite ideas for a healthy, active March break fun for the whole family.Get outside
When it comes to outdoor adventure and connecting with nature, there’s nowhere better to be than Nova Scotia. Whether you decide to strap on skis or snowshoes and hit the trails, invite the whole neighbourhood out for a massive snowball fight or bundle up for a brisk beach walk, you’re sure to come back pink-cheeked, pleasantly tired and ready for a delicious mug of hot chocolate. Remember: Many libraries and recreation centres in Nova Scotia loan snowshoes for free.

Make something
Crafting benefits people young and old. It helps kids develop their fine-motor skills and helps keep older hands nimble, gives everyone a chance to indulge their creative side and provides an excuse to brighten up the winter days with a riot of colour. (It’s also known to help with stress management.) What better reasons to get out the paint, glue sticks and construction paper, the yarn and the fabric, and spend an afternoon crafting up a storm?

Get cooking
If you want to help your kids build healthy habits around food and eating, a great first step is to get them into the kitchen – the earlier the better. In addition to giving kids a valuable sense of pride, planning, shopping for and making a meal also provide opportunities for kids to practise what they’re learning in school: including reading and writing, basic math skills and nutritional literacy, just for a start. Not sure where to begin? Start with lunch!

Keep learning
School might be out for the week, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop learning. Train enthusiasts might enjoy a visit to the Museum of Industry in Stellarton, while the Alexander Graham Bell historic site is likely to boggle the minds of young smartphone users. The Yarmouth County Museum offers free outdoor and indoor games and exhibits throughout March break. Visit the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre and learn about Birchtown, the largest free Black settlement in the 1780s, and the rich history of Black Nova Scotians. It’s always fun to check out Ross Farm, where costumed interpreters share their knowledge of 19th-century trades and household activities like blacksmithing, barrel making and wool spinning. In Halifax, check out the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia or the brand-new Discovery Centre.

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