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The Number One Reason You Need to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

Nova Scotians are natural enthusiasts, and sometimes we tend to over indulge in life’s simple pleasures, like incredible food, good music, dancing and, yes, the occasional beverage.

While these activities are fun and have strongly contributed to our cultural identity, our tendency to “treat” ourselves far too regularly has actually had an unhealthy impact on our well-being. With a rapidly aging population and one of the highest obesity rates in the Canada, Nova Scotians aren’t only developing unhealthy habits, but are also at high risk of developing something much more serious, such as diabetes, cancer or heart disease.

With the holidays coming to an end and the New Year in full swing, thousands of Nova Scotians are contemplating and evaluating their New Year’s resolutions, pledging to be more active, stop smoking and make better dietary choices. We want to help you embrace this opportunity by not only helping you make realistic New Year’s resolutions that will last but by also reminding you why it’s important to stick to those personal goals.

We’re here to let you in on an important fact that we hope will motivate you stay on top of those freshly made resolutions:

 For Nova Scotians, this is vital information. Our province has one of the highest rates of chronic disease and disability in Canada. It’s time we take control of our own health.

The good news is you’re already halfway there! By making the commitment this year to make healthier decisions, you’ve already placed yourself in the perfect position to identify your personal risk factors, take action and reduce your chances of developing a chronic illness.

Although chronic diseases are some of the most common healthcare problems, they’re also among the most preventable through health promotion, early detection efforts, and proper management.

The New Year gives you a fresh start, an opportunity to make a positive change in your own life. Make a commitment to yourself to play an active role in your health, ensuring health and happiness for many more years to come.

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