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5 Healthier Snack Ideas for Your Super Bowl Party

The countdown is on to one of the biggest sporting events of the year – the Super Bowl!

This weekend, people will be gathering in living rooms to banter, cheer and watch some of the best football and live performances of the year. If you’re planning on hosting a Super Bowl party, we’re here to help you with the most important part – the menu!

Chicken wings, nachos, and chips and dip are all classic Super Bowl snacks but unfortunately, they all leave you short of your healthy goal-line. Like football, healthy eating can be a team effort, so we’re here to help you make healthier choices so that even if your team loses the big game, your health won’t take a big hit in the process.

Wondering how your Super Bowl menu can pull through with a big win? Here are five delicious and nutritious recipes that will surely keep your inner football fanatic fuelled and satisfied.

Buffalo roasted cauliflower

Game day wouldn’t be the same without a heaping, saucy and spicy pile of wings, right? Check out this lighter alternative by Closet Cooking. Buffalo Roasted Cauliflower may seem like a leap but they’re quick, easy to make and taste just as great.

Crispy baked avocado fries

Packed with vitamins and proteins, avocado is defiantly a star player you want on your roster. These Creamy Baked Avocado Fries aren’t your typical deep-fried frits, they’re actually better. Give these scrumptious snacks a shot and you just might find yourself jumping on the avocado bandwagon long after the game ends.

Baked sweet potato chips

Sometimes you just want something salty and crunchy. While potato chips may taste great, they contain zero nutritional benefits. These Baked Sweet Potato Chips offer the crisp and crunch you love about potato chips but give you the vitamins and minerals like iron and magnesium that you need for good health.

Loaded Nachos

If the name hasn’t implied it already, this healthier nacho recipe by Living Well Kitchen is loaded with goodness. With fresh tortilla chips topped with cheese, extra lean ground beef (or shredded chicken, or vegetarian), beans, tomatoes and avocados, this Mexican favourite could potentially be your best play of the night.

Fudge Brownie

Do you have a sweet-tooth? Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Jillian Michaels has the ultimate Healthier Fudge Brownie recipe to top off your victory meal. These moist and gooey guilt-free treats are fit for a champion so you can feel good at the end of the fourth quarter regardless of the final score.

The Caveat

Keep in mind, while all these treats are Super Bowl favourites, it’s important to keep your portion size in mind and stick to a little less rather than a little more. Avoid over-eating on game-day and limit the amount of sugary and alcoholic beverages you consume.

The Super Bowl is awesome, but your health and well-being are most important. Have fun and stay safe during your Super Bowl festivities. Win or lose, celebrate responsibly and make sure you have a plan to get home safely.

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