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Why we’re thanking the doctors Nova Scotia does have – and so can you!

On May 1, we celebrate Doctors’ Day – a chance to recognize the hard work and dedication of physicians who are helping keep Nova Scotians healthy.It’s no secret that our province is struggling to recruit and retain desperately needed physicians, both family doctors and specialists. An estimated 100,000 Nova Scotians are without primary care, with 51,000 people sitting on a wait list for a family doctor.

However, we know that there are 2,400 doctors working in our province right now, doing all they can to provide care in the midst of the physician shortage. They are keeping services afloat in their communities to make a difference for their patients.

Doctors’ Day is a chance to celebrate them.

“I cannot count the many times Dr. Robert Gunn has personally helped us, not only medically, but just by being there for us emotionally. He has helped with everything from dealing with Huntington’s Disease to school and work issues. He has been a constant in the life of a family that has ridden a roller-coaster for so many years. Our family literally loves him and trusts him completely.” – Kevin Jess

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Doctors put patients first.
Each day in our province, doctors provide more than 28,000 services to Nova Scotians. They give high-quality patient care when and where patients need it most, whether that’s in a community clinic, emergency department, long-term care facility, operating room or in your home.

“Dr. Katherine Warren’s dedication, skill and genuine interest in helping me to improve my health has been life-altering. It requires a unique person to work in the field of psychiatry and to maintain an enthusiasm for working with people who struggle in ways that are often misunderstood.”– Jackie Thornhill

Doctors strengthen communities.
Not only do doctors make sure patients get the care they need, they also provide leadership in their clinic, their community and in the health-care system overall. Their job gives them unique insight and leadership when it comes to making decisions and creating policies to improve the health-care system.

“We are so very fortunate to have Dr. Debbie Marchand as our family physician. Her dedication and knowledge have been our strength for decades. Our small town has lost many doctors, causing the remaining doctors to accept those in need. Dr. Marchand has stepped up to fill that void…. We feel blessed in our retirement to still have a doctor who not only knows our history and our challenges but provides us with the options with compassion and caring.” – Monica Ryan

Doctors are more than health-care providers.
Nova Scotia’s doctors are healers, mentors and teachers; researchers, surgeons and counsellors. They work in community clinics and hospitals, and teach at Dalhousie Medical School. Some lead the country through medical innovation and technology. They’re also mothers and fathers, friends and family; coaches of youth sport teams and community volunteers.

“I am so grateful for the exceptional care given by Dr. Babak (Bob) Fanaei, or Dr. Bob as he is affectionately known by everyone in the community. Not only is he detailed in his examinations and follow up, he is kind, compassionate and truly cares about his patients. Every time I sit in his waiting room, I hear people saying, ‘How lucky we are to have Dr. Bob.’ He truly sees his patients as partners in their own health care.” – Judith Scrimger

On May 1, we say “Thank You!” to Nova Scotia’s doctors for putting patients first.
Join us in sharing gratitude for Nova Scotia’s dedicated physicians. Write a thank-you note to a doctor who has made a difference in your life. Not only will it be added to our story map, but we’ll also share your comments with your doctor on Doctors’ Day.


Doctors’ Day was first recognized as the official day of appreciation for Nova Scotia’s medical profession in 2013. May 1 was selected as Doctors’ Day to mark the birthday of Canada’s first female physician, Dr. Emily Stowe.