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Why Nova Scotia doctors are proud to care for their patients

May 1 is Doctors Day – a time to recognize Nova Scotia’s doctors and their dedication to patient care. The event is taking on a special significance this year as we mark the second Doctors Day of the COVID-19 pandemic.The pandemic has shown us how important community is to Nova Scotians. It’s brought into focus how we all rely on each other to stay healthy and well – to look out for each other, lend a hand and follow the guidelines that will keep us all safe.

Thanks to all Nova Scotians for taking COVID-19 seriously and for doing what’s right – not just for your own well-being but also for the well-being of your neighbours, family members and friends. We applaud those working on the front lines and serving their communities during this difficult period.

Our doctors are among the people who have stepped up to get us through this stressful time – whether they’re logging long hours at vaccine clinics, counselling people struggling with fear and isolation, or working behind the scenes on policy that will keep all Nova Scotians safe.

In this video, doctors from across Nova Scotia share how proud they are to care for their patients and to help keep their communities healthy and strong during these uncertain times. Thank you to all Nova Scotians for staying home and staying safe!

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