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You and Your Doctor, Partners In Care

The relationship that doctors and patients share is a key element in the delivery of care.

Physicians are often the one’s we turn to during our most remarkable and life-altering events. From the moment we are born until the last days of our lives, we maintain a relationship and connection to the physicians who care for us. The strength of this relationship is critical to ensuring patients have positive experiences in their medical encounters.

Each day, Nova Scotia’s physicians perform more than 28,000 services to patients. We’ve been asking Nova Scotians to share some of their experiences and to tell us what makes their doctor great. 

We’ve heard from hundreds of patients across the province about the positive relationships they have with their doctor. Some said they consider their family’s doctor to be an important member of their family. Others shared their appreciation for the time their doctor takes to listen to their concerns.

You’ve shared your gratitude to those physicians who show a genuine interest in your life and make a point to ask how your family is doing. You’ve told us of life-saving surgeries you’ve had and shared your gratitude to the talented surgeons that were responsible for your healing and recovery.

There are many Nova Scotians whose family doctor delivered them when they entered the world, cared for them throughout the course of their life, delivered their own babies and supported them in times of palliative need. True cradle to grave care is the foundation of many family practices, especially in rural communities in our province.

Nova Scotia’s physicians are some of the best in Canada and work tirelessly to improve the health of patients in all corners of the province. In addition to care delivery, Nova Scotia’s doctors are leading health-care transformation to improve care in this province and to ensure the system is evolving to meet the current and future needs of all users, doctors and patients alike.

From primary care to specialist care, your doctors are committed to helping you live a long and healthy life.

  1. Here is a look at the top services your doctors provided in 2012/2013:


On May 1st, say “Thanks doc!”

May 1st is Doctor’s Day in Nova Scotia – a day to share appreciation and gratitude to Nova Scotia’s dedicated physicians whose work positively impacts the lives of all Nova Scotians.

Tell us why what makes your doctor great! Add your story to the map!