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Speak up and ask for better health-care


Our doctors spend their days treating patients, accessing services, and working to improve patient care. They develop personal and valuable relationships with their patients which enable them to fully understand the challenges Nova Scotians face when trying to access a variety of health-care services.

Although improvements have been made to health-care delivery in our province, such as the introduction of collaborative emergency centres, wait time reporting, and electronic health records, we need more.

For this election, doctors have identified the following health-care priorities:

The doctors of this province have developed a position for each priority, outlining how care can be improved. They’ll be speaking with candidates about these solutions throughout the election and sharing these discussions with you. 

But we need your help too. Join Nova Scotia’s physicians and lend your voice to these health-care issues.

Speak up
Get involved by asking candidates in your area about health-care and sharing your opinions and experience with us and your community. You can also share our positions with candidates by emailing them directly or publicly through social media.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be blogging about our priorities. In the mean time, you can find out more by visiting Doctors Nova Scotia’s election website

Doctors will be speaking with candidates about these issues, and you should too!

Click here for more information.

Do you have your own health-care priorities for this election?