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Hey Doc, You Rock!


Physicians are an integral component of Nova Scotia’s health-care system. Each day, our doctors perform more than 28,000 services on patients. Doctors’ Day is about sharing appreciation and gratitude to all physicians across the province whose work positively impacts the lives of all Nova Scotians.

Doctors’ Day provides an opportunity for Nova Scotians to recognize the unique role physicians play in delivering high-quality health care in our province and to say thank you to the men and women who dedicate their lives to improving ours.


  1. Nova Scotians are invited to celebrate with us by sharing positive stories about their doctor on the story map!
  2. You can also celebrate the doctors in your community by posting a comment to our Facebook page, or tweeting to us using the hashtag #MyDocRocks!

Since the launch of the campaign last year, hundreds of people across the province have sat at their computer or picked up their smartphone to tweet, post, or submit positive stories about their experiences and relationships with their doctors. To date, there have been hundreds of inspiring stories shared about Nova Scotia’s doctors from people in regions across the province.

We’ve heard about the great work of physicians like Dr. Yee in Barrington Passage, Dr. Lowry in Gardiner Mines, Dr. Brien in Sydney, Dr. Ellerker in Glace Bay and Dr. Lafleur in Dartmouth. We’re ecstatic to see such overwhelming support from Nova Scotians!

Ontario was the first province to declare a day for doctors when they had May 1st proclaimed as Doctors’ Day in 2012. Ontario chose May 1st to commemorate the birthday of Dr. Emily Stowe, the first female physician in Canada. Doctors Nova Scotia is proud to follow in Ontario’s footsteps and make Nova Scotia the second province in Canada to proclaim a day dedicated to appreciating doctors.

Doctors’ Day isn’t that different than the rest, but it gives all Nova Scotians one special day to share appreciation for their doctor together!

Visit the story map to share your story, or to simply say, “Hey doc, you rock!”.

We want to hear your story. Leave a comment and tell us why your doc rocks!