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It’s ‘No One Wants To Sit Next To the Sneezer’ Season

Each year in Nova Scotia it gets a little easier to get a flu shot. The easier it gets, the less excuses you have not to get it.

Let’s face it, the flu is gross! It starts with with a headache, chills and cough, soon followed by fever, loss of appetite, muscle aches and fatigue, running nose, sneezing, watery eyes, and throat irritation.

Not to mention you miss work and social appointments, your family, strangers on the bus and your colleagues look at you with disgust and irritation and meanwhile it all could have been avoided with one simple shot.

Getting a flu shot is a safe, simple and effective way to prevent influenza. It helps Nova Scotians avoid getting the flu themselves, and avoid spreading it to family, friends, co-workers and others.

Influenza lowers the body’s ability to fight off other infections. This can lead to more serious illnesses, such as pneumonia, bronchitis and other complications.

The flu shot is available to all Nova Scotians free of charge. You have the added convenience of being able to get the flu shot from your doctor or another health care provider, like your local pharmacist or a nurse practitioner through clinics offered by Public Health Services or in some workplaces.

So what does this mean for Nova Scotians?

It means you’re running out of excuses to not get immunized!

It is important to get vaccinated and to work to prevent the spread of germs to ensure that you and those around you stay healthy this flu season.

Take steps to prevent the spread of germs:

Don’t be the person sniffling and sneezing alone in the corner. Don’t be the person who spreads the virus. Be the person who protects themselves and those around them – get immunized!

What’s your reason for getting immunized?

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