Submitted By: Heather MacLellan

About: Dr. Sam Campbell

After calling 911 and the paramedics taking me to emergency by ambulance with symptoms of a heart attack. Heart issues were happily ruled out, and the final Dr. to see me was Dr. Sam Campbell. He offered an amusing and great story involving “Cave Men”, (yup!) , the ANSytem, and how we respond to stress and offered solutions after asking important questions and listening to my story. I felt heard and I left feeling relieved and grateful, well taken care of by everyone involved, with some insight into the how and why this occurred with recommendations. Thank you so much. The staff at emerge are extraordinary as were the Paramedics, Kerri and Sara, so kind and caring. I hope many patients take time to share their gratitude to these wonderful caring humans amongst all the negativity about the state of our current health care system. Thank you.