Submitted By: Holly Blinn

About: Dr. Natasha Deshwal

I am very grateful to be living in Nova Scotia and to have a family doctor. I do not take my health for granted and I am very fortunate that the care my son and I receive from our family doctor is outstanding. Dr. Natasha Deshwal is truly caring, demonstrates much patience and is very knowledgeable. She only wants the best for her patients and it shows when she is honest and attentive towards your concerns and questions. Dr. Deshwal makes you feel safe, comfortable and at ease, whether you have a 10-minute or a 40-minute appointment. I appreciate my family doctor and everything she does for her patients and for her community. Dr. Natasha Deshwal is a strong-minded, hard-working woman who helps makes positive changes to our province and its residents. Thank you for what you do everyday and for being you, Holly