Submitted By: Heather Dunbar

About: Dr. Michael Dunbar

I would love to share my experience with Dr Dunbar and I must say he’s no relation to me. My husband Joe Dunbar was told by an orthopaedic in the VRH that there was nothing more they could do for his knee from an knee replacement and there was infection so the doctor decided to amputate we had two scheduled dates with a doctor in the valley to have it done and both dates got canceled (thank God) it did. So he was referred by another doctor to see Dr. Dunbar. When we went to see him he had asked how long his femur had been infected which we didn’t know because no other doctor could see that. So Dr. Dunbar sent him to see Dr. Cole to have that fixed first then 4 months later Dr. Dunbar put an antibiotic spacer in his knee to clear any infection then five months later completed another knee replacement and I’m happy to say that Dunbar is an amazing doctor and my husband still has his leg. We owe everything to this amazing doctor and need more like him.