Submitted By: Lucille Pitre

About: Dr. JohnChiasson

Hello! My name is Lucille Pitre, I’d like to personally thank Dr. Chiasson,for saving my life. After a surgery at St. Martha’s Hospital, I was sent home two days after my surgery without a prescription. Two days later I ended up at the emergency room in Pugwash, N.S. They didn’t know what to do with me and put me in a rescue and shipped me back to Antigonish. The doctors wouldn’t listen too me, they sent me home and said I needed time to heal. This went on for 6 weeks; my husband would take me to emergency but I’d be sent back home, or at another time they kept me over night but didn’t run tests. I was tired, I wasn’t getting better but worse. We made a stop at my doctor’s office first, my daughter went in to see if she could see me. She couldn’t see me so we went back to St. Martha’s and Dr. Chiasson heard me upset in triage and came to my rescue. He listened to me. He ran tests and blood work immediately. I was septic. Thank you Dr. Chiasson for saving my life!