Submitted By: Shawn Drover

About: Dr. Michael Dunbar

If I said thank you to Dr. Dunbar a million times it still would not be enough. I had serious trauma to my leg and knee joint from a motorcycle accident twenty years ago. I started having a lot of issues with the joint causing a lot of pain. Since 2009, I wore a brace on a daily basis due to my knee popping out of place when this happened it sent a jolt of pain through my whole nervous system. I had seen Dr. Dunbar in August of 2016 and within six months of seeing me he had me in and did a full knee replacement. He is very proactive and very good at what he does. I have been able to walk much farther and am now building quad muscle back in my leg which I could not do before do to pain. The joint itself is really smooth when walking and is now pain free with awesome stability. Dr. Dunbar is very intelligent and in my opinion, has mastered his skills as a great surgeon! I haven’t felt this good in a long time and am very grateful to have been introduced to him by my amazing friend Nicole : )