Submitted By: Carolyn Bartlett

About: Dr. Bill Stanish

My then 17yr old daughter long time athlete (figure skater, track & field, basketball etc) was suffering from excruciating back & leg pain. Told by other health practitioners that it was all muscular and just exercise and go to massage & physio. “You will be fine.” At our insistence she was referred to Dr. Stanish. He was wonderful and Jess liked him the minute she met him. He talked to her and to us. He assessed her, ordered diagnostics and referred her. He told her he would be the coordinator of her care and if she wasn’t happy with who she was sent to, he would find others. He is a communicator, he exudes caring, professionalism and competence. His office was on time for appointments respecting the time of others, he didn’t scare her, based on her pathology, he supported her to do what she needed to do. And she went on to participate in Canada Games. Thank you for caring and working with people who have lives, and want to have great lives and want to know their MD cares.