Dr. Cathy Felderhof

I want all my patients to feel empowered to play a role in their own health. By empowering instead of enabling, my patients build on their strengths and can become healthier.

Beyond prescribing

Dr. Cathy Felderhof has a passion for healing and empowering her patients. This approach to care has been welcomed by her patients in Pictou Landing, many of whom are members of the First Nations community.

Dr. FelderhofA strong proponent of holistic medicine, Dr. Felderhof focuses on the interconnected physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of the body. Patients visit a doctor when they aren’t well and anticipate receiving a prescription. In many cases this is appropriate. But Dr. Felderhof also introduces her patients to other avenues to wellness. “While most people are used to receiving a prescription for medication, I would rather focus on a pill-free healing process for my patients,” said Dr. Felderhof.

For ten thousand years, Nova Scotia has been home to the Aboriginal people. Mi’kmaq and First Nations people have enriched the province with their legends, art, music, spirituality, history, and language. However, the First Nations population also experience some of the highest rates of chronic disease in Nova Scotia.

Providing care to this demographic has its challenges, but they’ve taught her how to look at illness through a new lens. Having a better understanding of her patients’ cultural beliefs and traditions gives her a deeper understanding of their health challenges and preference for treatment.

Dr. Felderhof believes the depth of the relationship with the patient better equips her to truly understand their unique health needs and the best approach to care for them. For this reason she encourages regular visits from her patients which in turn allow her to intercept problems as they arise. This allows her to efficiently utilize the many community resources available to her, such as unique local cultural resources, career counselling, addiction services, and mental health.

“House calls are also an important part of Pictou Landing,” said. Dr. Felderhof. “Communicating with my patients in their true environment leads to a beautiful interaction.”

“I want all my patients to feel empowered to play a role in their own health,” said Dr. Felderhof. “By empowering instead of enabling, my patients build on their strengths and can become healthier.” Dr. Felderhof exemplifies the role of a strong and caring advocate for the health and wellbeing of our province’s First Nations people.

Community Support

Submitted By: Sheila and Dick Chisholm

About: Dr. Cathy Felderhof

We had Cathy for our doctor for years and she provided exceptional care to us. We miss her ten thousand times over. She would come to our house when needed or we would see her in her office on both […]

Submitted By: Karen Callaghan

About: Dr. Cathy Felderhof

I had the privilege and pleasure of first being Cathy’s patient and then went on to be her family practice nurse. My kids would sometimes say they wanted to see the doctor and when I would ask why, they really […]

Submitted By: anne lumsden

About: Dr. Cathy Felderhof

Dr. Cathy always made time when you would sit in her office. I loved when she would take a box of cookies from her drawer & ask if you would like one…this would be her lunch! If she received a […]

Submitted By: Brenda Hattie

About: Dr. Cathy Felderhof

Dr. Cathy became my physician when I was 18, in 1977. She attended to me in emerge one night when I had a severe asthma attack. She saved my life. She remained my doc until I left Pictou County, at […]