Dr. Bill Stanish

Nova Scotians should never underestimate how creative we are. There is an incredible environment here and huge opportunities for research and innovation right here in our hands.

Dr. Bill Stanish is a leader in sport medicine in Nova Scotia, Canada and on the International stage. The former varsity athlete, now orthopaedic surgeon, is leading a research trial that uses a patient’s own cells to regenerate new cartilage. Traditionally, orthopaedic procedures use synthetics, but the use of stem cells offers longevity and potentially delays the need for replacement procedures.

Dr. Cathy Felderhof“The significant level of evidence from the trial truly supports the positive effect of using cells over the traditional methods on the quality and quantity of regenerated tissues,” said Dr. Stanish. “This represents a cost-effective surgical alternative that may dramatically improve cartilage repair over traditional methods in a minimally invasive manner.”

In his practice, Dr. Stanish is interested in doing more than simply reading the literature; he wants to write the literature. His passion for enriching the world of sports medicine through research runs deep.

“Nova Scotians should never underestimate how creative we are,” said Dr. Stanish. “There is an incredible environment here and huge opportunities for research and innovation right here in our hands.”

‘Passion’ is the best word to describe Dr. Stanish’s approach to research and the care he provides to thousands of patients in Nova Scotia and the Atlantic region. Although he is a surgeon, Dr. Stanish believes he is a physician at heart – his tactic is all about intercepting problems before they advance.

“Medicine is my calling,” said Dr. Stanish. “I love getting patients better.” Although Dr. Stanish deals with physical injuries that frequently require immediate attention, he is adamant about working with his patients on all levels, including emotional.

“You have to be versatile,” said Dr. Stanish. “I always look at the patient and listen to their story. Being a good listener is important because I may not have all the answers, but listening allows me to work with them to give them an answer and hopefully help their recovery.”

Dr. Stanish understands the psychological aspect of sport injury and takes an interest in helping his patients through this process. “Injuries are difficult because they can cause despair and depression,” said Dr. Stanish. “The impact can destroy marriages, work becomes difficult, and an athlete may have to leave their sport.”

He believes that improvements are best made when treatment is delivered in collaboration with the surgeon, the patient, their family and by keeping the family physician engaged with the treatment. This team approach to sport medicine is a ‘fitting’ foundation to his practice.

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Submitted By: Ken Hiltz

About: Dr. Bill Stanish

Twenty-five years ago, I meant Dr. Stanish in the emergency department of the VG. He put my shoulder back together. Fourteen years ago he scoped my knee. Both surgeries went perfectly. My knee suffered another injury four years ago, but Dr Stanish retired from […]

Submitted By: Carolyn Bartlett

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My then 17yr old daughter long time athlete (figure skater, track & field, basketball etc) was suffering from excruciating back & leg pain. Told by other health practitioners that it was all muscular and just exercise and go to massage […]

Submitted By: Jeanie Cameron

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Dr. Bill Stanish was the most motivational orthopaedic surgeon and clinician at Dal. and in Canada during my years at medical school. I had the experience of working with him in his clinic and rabbit lab. I found his style […]

Submitted By: Terry A Rafuse

About: Dr. Bill Stanish

In 1994 Dr. Stanish gave me a new hip and a new lease on life. On the June, 12, 2013, Dr. Michael Gross repaired the same hip which was done 19 years ago. These doctors and their caring and knowledge […]